the compression molding is already a well-known technology world-wide
the compression molding is already a well-known technology worldwide.more than %65 of the caps for soft drinks are produced through compression.
Entirely water-sealed and gas-sealed , which is used for carbonated soft drinks such az mineral water , juice , is easily opened and closed .compatible with most of cappers
the process quality control is so high-tech but is automatic completley.a vision system can be installed to detect any defective part,reject it and if necessary bypass the correponding cavity without having to stop production .
the other quality control parameters are evaluated by skillful quality control man with application of standard instrument.
star-triangle shape evident tamper causes to easy capping.also ,high technology for this band prevent microbial pollutios.


28 mm CSD & hot filling cap with special scavenger liner for beverage (in shell molding technology from SACMI CO.) Features: PVC – free granulate conforming with FDA and EU regulations Suitable for hot- filling up to 90 °C with cooling Suitable for pasteurization The caps are used for non – alcoholic beer. Carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices as well as hot filled tea products.